1. Objective C

Objective C

2. Configuring iPhone Development Environment
  • Setting Up Your Project in Xcode
  • Interface Builder
3. Handling Basic Interaction
  • MVC Paradigm
  • Creating Our Project
  • Creating View Controller
  • Using Application Delegate
  • Editing Main Window .xib & View Controllers
4. Navigation Controller

Navigation Controller

5. Table Views

Table Views

6. Multi-view Applications

Multiview Applications

7. Tab Bars and Pickers

Tab Bars and Pickers

8. Basic Data Persistence

Basic Data Persistence

9. Taps, Touches and Gestures

Taps, Touches and Gestures

10. Auto Resizing and Auto Rotating

Auto Resizing and Auto Rotating

11. Accelerometer


12. iPhone Camera & Photo Library

iPhone Camera & Photo Library

13. Project


Course Features

Duration: 6 Months

Sample Certification


Joint certification by
Savitribai Phule Pune University and ETH

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