• Introduction to PHP
  •  Web services architectures and PHP
  •  PHP language basics
  •  Implementing PHP Code
  •  Accommodating transient data
  •  PHP expressions and functions
  •  Employing PHP code in your environment
  •  Exploiting the built-in functionality of PHP
  •  Building Complete Database-Driven Web Applications
  •  Crafting database connections
  •  Applying the fundamentals of object-oriented PHP Data Object (PDO) technology
  •  Interacting with the Client
  •  Incorporating user input
  •  Responding to user input
  •  Applying conditional redirection
  •  Extending Functionality with PHP
  •  Debugging and deploying
  •  PHP object-orientation
  •  Integrating Ajax into PHP application
  •  Demonstrating the integration of Ajax with a PHP application

Course Features

Duration: 6 Months

Sample Certification


Joint certification by
Savitribai Phule Pune University and ETH

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