1. Before Starting

1.1 Introduction to Computer
1.2 What is meant by Literacy?
1.3 COMPLIT Program
1.4 How to study?
1.5 Starting to learn

2. Introduction to the computer

2.1 What is a Computer?
2.2 History of the computer
2.3 Generation of Computers
2.4 Applications of Computer
2.5 Block diagram of a computer
2.6 Parts of a Computer
2.7 Memory
2.8 Bits and Bytes
2.9 Hardware and Software
2.10 Storage Devices
2.11 Types of Operating System
2.12 Some common problems in Computers

3. Microsoft Windows

3.1 Introduction to the MS-Windows Screen
3.2 How to use the Mouse?
3.3 Getting Started With Windows
3.4 Parts of the Windows
3.5 Uses of the Start Button
3.6 Opening more than one program at a time
3.7 Clipboard
3.8 Save the File
3.9 File Management
3.10 Control Panel
3.11 Basic Shortcuts

4. MS-Paint – Drawing Pictures

4.1 Introduction to Ms-Paint
4.2 Tool Box – Tools for Drawing
4.3 Changes in the Picture: Copy/Cut and Paste
4.4 Image Menu – Drawing With Fun
4.5 Different options of Paint5.1 Introduction to Ms-Paint

5. Microsoft Word – Creating Documents

5.1 Introduction to the Word Screen
5.2 Working in Document
5.3 Creating and moving the Text Blocks
5.4 Writing and Deleting Text
5.5 Dictionary at our fingertip
5.6 Formatting
5.7 Use of Tables and Columns
5.8 Use of Auto Text
5.9 Auto Correct
5.10 Print The Document
5.11 Basic Shortcuts

6. Microsoft PowerPoint – Making Presentations

6.1 Introduction to PowerPoint
6.2 Starting PowerPoint
6.3 Using the Auto Content Wizard
6.4 Formatting Techniques
6.5 Use of Pictures in PowerPoint
6.6 Designing Complete PowerPoint Presentation
6.7 Basic Shortcuts

7. Microsoft Excel Manipulation and Sorting

7.1 Introduction to Spreadsheet
7.2 Introduction to Excel Screen
7.3 To Navigate from one Cell to Another
7.4 Rules for Inserting Data into the Cells
7.5 Different methods of inserting different types of data in the Cell
7.6 Filling information in the Cells
7.7 Magic of Auto Fill
7.8 Naming the Cells
7.9 Formatting Tables
7.10 Freezing the Titles
7.11 Making Tables and Charts
7.12 Keeping secret the Important Information
7.13 Basic Shortcuts

8. Internet

8.1 Communication and Network
8.2 Common terms in Networking
8.3 What is Internet?
8.4 Browser
8.5 Working with Internet
8.6 Web servers
8.7 Search engines
8.8 Electronic Mail: (E-Mail)
8.9 Usage of Internet
8.10 Some General terms used in Internet

Course Features

Duration: 90 Days

Session: 120 Hours

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Joint certification by
Savitribai Phule Pune University and ETH

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