ETH has embarked on the mission of bringing education to millions of learners transcending the barriers of geographic, economic level and languages. Education has remained the core mission and the corporate social responsibility.

ETHRL Mission:

1 Research Lab
10 Co-Labs
100 Network Centers
1000 Educational Centers
10000 Schools
100000 Homes
1000000 Students

ETH LTD  specializes in IT, School Connect, Software Solutions, e-Learning Products, Our mission is to provide Freedom In Knowledge Space to acquire trough training at the doorstep of masses and making education available to the last mile possible.

Towards fulfillment of this mission ETH has developed offering for school, collages, university and students and parents, in form of campus management solutions, portals and content.

  • Reliability: ETH LTD is a trusted name from last more 15 years, Under the guidance and mentorship of Dr.Vijay Bhatkar
  • Good returns: on Lower initial investment with may possibilities of earning higher returns.
  • Basket of Products and offerings: A basket of innovative courses is offered which gives the scope of providing education services to masses.
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