1. Play with Google Earth

Installation and introduction to Google Earth

2. Astronomy and Google Earth
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • Sky
3. Geography and Google Earth
  • Grid System
  • Distance Measurement
  • Geographical Features
4. GIS and Google Earth
  • Cartographic Techniques
  • Adding Placemark, Line and Polygon
  • Map Making
5. History and Google Earth
  • Changes through Years
  • Virtual Imagination of History


Beyond Simple Map Reading

Students will learn new approach to look towards map reading and find a new way to subject interpretation.

Practical Study

Students will train with simple and interactive stepwise practical techniques, with the help of interesting Google Earth tools and features.

Ahead Of Curriculum

In response it changes the way to look at your school curriculum learning and teaching techniques.

Mixed Mode Learning

Different types of tools and subjects oriented examples for practical.

Advanced Skills

Students will attain the rare skills of map interpretation on multidisciplinary level and also cartographic techniques which will form a good base for GIS study.

Course Features

Session: 20 Hours

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